Cheap Fence Panels in Hindley

Cheap Fence Panels in HindleyAt Rospal, we know you want cheap fence panels in Hindley but you want them to look strong, sturdy and expensive. Okay then; we can do that. We manufacture our own fence panels from pressure treated timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and harvested from environmentally controlled woodlands in the UK. Then we guarantee them for ten years against rot, fungus and decay. Choose from heavy duty V Board fencing panels (board on board) in the height you want, shade of wood and straight, convex or concave top. We also have European style fence panels. Our fence panels provide complete privacy and look so beautiful on both sides you should make your neighbours pay half. It all sounds pricey doesn’t it? It’s not.

We advertise that we won’t be beaten on price value for value. We do that because we know in Hindley, cheap fence panels can still be high quality when we manufacture them ourselves and sell them direct to contractors or do-it-yourselfers. We’ve eliminated the factory and the retailer from the equation. We are particular about the timber we use but we’re also excellent customers able to negotiate good prices for ourselves. If you want a special size, just tell us. We’ll build it for you at no extra cost. Rospal offers a discount when you buy ten or more panels. Just to be clear; our fence panels are thick and heavy. They will stand up to the elements without sagging for many years. We carry everything else you need to install a fence; posts, ground boards, hardware and gates. Our experienced installers can be hired to put the fence up.

We’re the place for cheap fence panels in Hindley at the guaranteed lowest price that look and hold up like a very pricey fence. We doubt that anybody offers the quality of fence panels we do at any price but our quote always includes the VAT. Don’t be fooled. Buy direct from Rospal and save money. When you are looking for cheap fence panels, contact Rospal. Buy direct from us and get a discount plus another discount for quantity – a win-win situation.

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