Wooden Fence Panels in Hindley

Wooden Fence Panels in HindleyWooden fence panels in Hindley from Rospal is about the best looking privacy fence you can install. We build our fence panels from beautiful natural timber sourced from managed local forests. The wood is gorgeous and as a natural resource, it’s completely renewable. The close board fence panels are tanalised as are the back rails they are affixed to. Many love the look of natural wood more and more as it ages to a soft shade that blends with nature. The decorative cap is included with our heavy duty V board panels. Our heavy duty timber fence boards are overlapped and double nailed using heavy duty shanked coil nails. So you see, our fence panels, as good looking as they are, qualify as a security fence as well.

At Rospal, we manufacture our fence panels from thick heavy boards and assemble them to withstand time and elements. In Hindley, wooden fence panels from Rospal come with a ten year guarantee against fungus, decay and wood rot. Straight board fence panels are not your only choice. Our convex and concave panels create a gracefully flowing fence line. We offer a range of European fencing that is more decorative and dual faced so it looks identical on both sides. The height of your fencing is your choice depending on the level of privacy you want. Naturally, we build gates to match and fit your fence and offer a nice selection of durable hinges, locks and handles. Always, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Rospal manufactures wooden fence panels in Hindley for the trades and individual property owners. For those of you buying for your own use and general contractors, we have a team of professional installers that can erect your fence efficiently and to perfection. You may be thinking our kind of quality and durability is outside your budget. Contact Rospal and we’ll prepare a free quote for you. Remember, when you buy from us you’re buying wholesale which is cheaper. We offer discounts for bulk purchases of ten or more standard panels. Lastly, when price comparing be sure your comparing equal quality. Watch out for those that leave off the VAT when quoting price so their price will seem lower. Our prices include the VAT and are the final price.

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