Cheap Fence Panels in Hindley

Cheap Fence Panels in HindleyCheap fence panels in Hindley from Rospal is the best deal if you want quality timber products. Buy ten or more panels and you’ll get an additional discount on top of our already low, direct from the manufacturer, price. Our prices aren’t based on just one type of fence panel either. You see adverts for fence panels cheap as dirt but that price only applies to one particular and less than desirable timber panel. All the others that are better quality and nice looking timbers are much higher priced. We don’t do that. Some of our panels are a little more or less money but all are top quality timber and construction with discounts applied. Actually we don’t manufacture any poor quality fence panels so we can’t play bait and switch with our customers.

Another little trick you might run across when comparing our fence panel prices to others is retailers who neglect to include the VAT when they quote a price. In Hindley, cheap fence panels priced from Rospal include the VAT in the quote. We guarantee the lowest price, value for value, in the area. Then, we guarantee our product for ten years against fungus, decay and rot.  The reason we can do that is because all the fence panels we manufacture are made from tanalised timber. Yes we go through a lot of timber to build our fence panels, decks, sheds and more. But, every bit of it is sourced from managed & controlled woodlands which means our source is being managed so the timber is always being replenished.

We offer a huge selection of cheap fence panels in Hindley. It’s Likely you will find one or more of our selections to your liking. Of course any can be customised to suit but if you want custom designed and built fence panels, we are happy to accommodate you. Contact Rospal and stop by to see our selection of fence panels. We sell direct to the trades but we’re always happy to supply individual buyers as well. If you’re not a do it yourselfer our professional installers will put the fence you select up for you and we guarantee your satisfaction. Schedule delivery of your fence panels and we’ll have your materials on site when you expect them.

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