Cheap Fence Panels in Parbold

Cheap Fence Panels in ParboldIf you want cheap fence panels in Parbold then head for Rospal where we guarantee not to be beaten on price. That doesn’t mean you won’t get good quality though. We buy our timber from responsibly sourced locations within the UK and we build our fence panels, along with other things, ourselves. The trades buy from us but you can too. Buy enough and we give you a discount from our already low prices. Our prices are cheap to our customers because they are buying direct from the manufacturer. There’s no wholesaler, no retailer, no transport fees but there is VAT and we include that tax amount in the total price we quote you. So if you see a price for quality fence panels like ours at a lower price, ask them if the prices they’re quoting includes the VAT. If it does, then we’ll talk, but it’s not likely. 

The other thing you want to check when comparing prices is are you getting FSC certified timber that is pressure treated to protect against rot and decay. Here in Parbold, cheap fence panels from Rospal are all manufactured from FSC certified timber, pressure treated  and comes with a 10 year guarantee against rot and decay. At Rospal, we design and build robust fence panels. We think the word, robust, tells the whole story about our products. You can probably buy cheap fence panels elsewhere but we bet you can’t buy robust panels for cheap anywhere but Rospal. We have some fence panels that are cheaper than others because of the selected wood, design, panel height or because they’re on sale. But all of them are robust and guaranteed.

Cheap fence panels in Parbold need gates and we manufacture those with the same quality and durability as our fence panels. Rospal has the broadest range of fence panels, gates and fittings you’ll find anywhere. You can buy the panels we already have manufactured if those fit your requirements. But if you need something custom, we can make it for you. We have our own team of expert installers that move right along and still get the job done right. Contact us and find out more about our fence panels, gates and other products. We are glad to answer any questions you have and make suggestions. All price quotes are free and so is our advice.

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