Garden Sheds in Burscough

Garden Sheds in BurscoughHaving space to store equipment outside makes garden sheds in Burscough a good choice. Your lawnmower and garden tools can be kept dry and clean and more importantly, secure. We design, build, manufacture, assemble and install all our own sheds. This allows us to sell them at the most competitive prices. Every shed we manufacture is strong, durable and well built and is constructed from the highest quality timber sourced from sustainable forests and woodlands. The shed range has been designed to suit all possible requirements from the Corporal with revolutionary and unique window systems to the General with its extremely strong corners. We offer a full and comprehensive service with the price of the shed or garden building having the delivery and installation costs included.

Having a wooden building installed in your garden, out in the weather, you want to be sure it will last. In Burscough, our sheds can be made from Tanalised timber which costs a little more than the treated timber but you get a 10-year guarantee against fungal rot and decay. We have a wide range of garden sheds for different purposes. We have potting sheds for avid gardeners and corner sheds to tuck into a space out of the way. Our summer houses allow you to enjoy your garden in a sheltered room or they can be used as a home office where your house has run out of space.

We are manufacturers of wooden fencing and garden sheds in Burscough. We also manufacture playhouses, Wendy houses and little Swiss chalets for the children. Contact Rospal today or visit our new showroom. Our animal shelters come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes depending on the size of the animal. Tool sheds are perfect for the DIY enthusiast to keep all their equipment in and come in single and double doors. The doors and windows can be fitted to any side that suits your requirements with no added cost. The height of the building and the roof are also up to you and we can create higher or lower internal space according to your needs.

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